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The Thrill of Thoroughbred Ownership

Owning a share of a Thoroughbred racehorse can be one of the most thrilling experiences of a lifetime. Watching your horse cross the finish line first and feeling that exuberating rush is something that only the owner of a racehorse can understand... Read More

The Benefits of Fractional Ownership

Whether you own 100% of a horse or 1% of a horse the thrill, the entertainment, the fun is the same... Read More

The Expenses of Training a Thoroughbred

It's important to manage your own expectations so there are no unanticipated and uncomfortable surprises... Read More

Different Partnerships Offer Different Perks

No different from anything else, different Thoroughbred partnership companies offer different levels of service, different levels of involvement, different partner experiences... Read More

Now That You're an Owner

You are a part owner of the horse and it's up to you to take as much advantage of that as you can. In many ways you will get out of this endeavor what you put into it ... Read More